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Humbled and Blessed

  It's funny how an idea can take shape and become so much more than you can imagined. When the idea of Raw Fitness Apparel first sprung up we thought it was a nice thought and could have some success from the fitness boom that has been sweeping across the globe. It's amazing to see that people are starting to take an active look into their diets, exercise habits, and general lifestyle. Little by little, I feel like this generation will be responsible for bring Fitness (and EDM) into the forefront of pop culture. There are numbers to back up this claim! This year the Olympia and the CrossFit Games saw their largest crowds ever. Two different branches of fitness both seeing an increase in popularity. In these statistics we saw the opportunity to bring something unique to the masses. This culture is one we've been preaching and been enthralled in since a young age, so it only made sense to be even more involved. Raw Fitness Apparel stands to set itself apart from all your other clothing brands as the one that brings every quality you want in a dedicated fitness brand. High-quality materials, professional fit-and-finish, and designs that will help you stand out without being too gaudy and distasteful.


The last thing we want to do is thank everyone who made our launch a success! Friends, family, and friends have humbled us with their amazing compliments and reviews. The word has been spreading quickly because of YOU! We have some very special things planned ahead do keep everyone involved and coming back to us for more than just a couple t-shirts and shorts. Keep representing the brand and wear your shirts proudly! If you bust your ass in the gym, eat towards your goals everyday, and live life to the fullest then know you're on the path a more fulfilling and happy life! Also, know that this brand is yours to build. If you have any requests for items or design ideas email us, we'd love top hear you out!


Thanks again and Happy Holidays,

Raw Fitness Apparel

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