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Everyone wants results. You've seen thousands of transformation pics of your favorite athletes and wonder how they did it. You want to know what workout program they followed, what diet they did, or what supplement they used. If you do some research you may even get the answers to those questions. So you spend the money on the latest supplements, do your groceries, and join the local gym. A week goes by and you're wondering why you don't look like Phil Heath or Bella Falconi yet. You get unmotivated and before you know it you're back to your old lifestyle. Turns out you were missing one very important ingredient in your recipe for a better body, CONSISTENCY! To think that the people you follow on Instagram or see on TV improved their bodies overnight is ridiculous. To achieve any goal you will need to be consistent. 

I've done some personal training and even diet recommendation in my time. I've helped people who committed to the process make some incredible changes in their lives. They're grateful that I helped them (usually free of charge) and I'm grateful that they believed in me and themselves enough to follow through. Unfortunately, these success stories are few and far in between. The more common stories goes a little something like this: Client pays for diet advice and personal training, loses a few lbs or gains mass the first couple of weeks, all of sudden starts missing sessions, and doesn't show up last week. The difference between the successful clients and those who went back to their old routine was consistency. It's true, not everyone has the same level of motivation and drive but don't ever think you can't achieve something. If you fall into the "I've tried everything and nothing works" category make it a point to be consistent. I promise the results will come. If my good-hearted advice doesn't strike you maybe the fact that the fitness industry is counting on you to be unsuccessful will. Its a cyclical industry which thrives on those who haven't learned to be consistent. When New Years Day rolls around and you make it a goal to finally transform your body all the fitness industry sees is dollar signs. When you give up on that goal a month later they know you'll be back next year or in a few months. Chances are they kept you on recurring payments or took a huge down payment because they counted on you not staying too long. 

In conclusion, save your money, reach your goals, and be happy knowing you did what many others couldn't. All you have to do is be consistent!


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