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Everyone wants results. You've seen thousands of transformation pics of your favorite athletes and wonder how they did it. You want to know what workout program they followed, what diet they did, or what supplement they used. If you do some research you may even get the answers to those questions. So you spend the money on the latest supplements, do your groceries, and join the local gym. A week goes by and you're wondering why you don't look like Phil Heath or Bella Falconi yet. You get unmotivated and before you know it you're back to your old lifestyle. Turns out you were missing one very important ingredient in your recipe for a better body, CONSISTENCY! To think that the...

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Black Friday Sale

This is our second annual Black Friday sale and we couldn't be more excited. This year we have 3 times the amount of items for sale. Whether its tees for your workout arsenal or our signature jogger pants to keep you warm this winter, we've got something for everyone! The sale will be a massive clean out. We want you guys to have as much of our gear as possible and that is why you will be able to take 50% off your whole order plus $5.99 flat-rate shipping. Black Friday is a shopping holiday known for hectic crowds and ridiculous lines! Fear no more! No need for those lines when you can save money right from your house here...

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Raw Fitness Apparel at Wodapalooza 2014

   On the weekend of January 17-19th Miami's BayFront Park hosted some of the world's fittest athletes for Wodapalooza Miami. The event was promoted as a fitness festival and the moniker was appropriate. From sunrise to sunset there were swimmers in the bay, heavy weights being lifted, and hearts pounding from the grueling programming. As a brand that caters to athletes of all backgrounds, we wanted to make an appearance at the show and and get our feet wet in event promotion. For this competition we did not set up as vendors but we did create a game for our social media fans to take part in. It was simple, first three people to approach us and mention the Instagram...

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Weight Loss Made Easy

     For those who follow me on my personal account @javmilian they have seen my personal transformation from 255lbs all the way down to 205lbs. I'm always being asked how I did it. A couple years back I wrote an article that got some good publicity on Squidoo explaining exactly what I did. While my approach to weight loss has changed in order to better reflect my goal of optimal performance in the gym, when it comes to weight loss you can't beat carb cycling. Hope you guys enjoy it and it helps you get started on your transformation! Hopping on the Weight Loss Train Ever since High school I had been self-conscious about my appearance. Much of this stemmed...

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Humbled and Blessed

  It's funny how an idea can take shape and become so much more than you can imagined. When the idea of Raw Fitness Apparel first sprung up we thought it was a nice thought and could have some success from the fitness boom that has been sweeping across the globe. It's amazing to see that people are starting to take an active look into their diets, exercise habits, and general lifestyle. Little by little, I feel like this generation will be responsible for bring Fitness (and EDM) into the forefront of pop culture. There are numbers to back up this claim! This year the Olympia and the CrossFit Games saw their largest crowds ever. Two different branches of fitness...

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