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Men's "Power Clean and Coffee Beans" Tee , T-Shirt - Raw Fitness Apparel, Raw Fitness Apparel

Men's "Power Clean and Coffee Beans" Tee


There's something special about both power cleans and coffee. Coffee needs no introduction. The perfect hot beverage which triggers a rush of emotion unlike anything else. It makes people bearable, work a little bit easier, and the world a better place. As for power cleans, this exercise is everything that is great about the clean without all that squatting-below-parallel nonsense. So if you're someone who enjoys two of the better things in life then this shirt is for you!


Our tee is made of a 50/50 cotton/poly blend which provides the perfect balance between comfort, fit, and durability. It is also reinforced with OdorGuard in order to keep your shirt fresh wash after wash.


**Runs a size small compared to most other brands.